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fonbulucu Venture Capital Investment Fund

fonbulucu Venture Capital Investment Fund

fonbulucu VC Investment Fund is Turkey's first Crowdfunding Venture Capital Investment Fund. Our fund, which targets startups operating in the field of production and technology, opens a new page in the entrepreneurship ecosystem thanks to its structure.

The fund finder will become a partner in the initiatives by taking a share of at least 10% of the financing they need from the initiatives that run the VC Investment fund crowdfunding campaign and approved by the Fund Investment Committee. In this way, it is aimed to create a constantly expanding portfolio. Only Qualified Investors can receive participation shares from our fund, and you can fill out the pre-request form by clicking here to receive participation shares.

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Why Crowdfunding Venture Capital Investment Fund?

Crowdfunding is a new generation entrepreneurial financing method that is growing very fast all over the world and has achieved a transaction volume of over 100 billion USD in 2020. In our country, the regulation was completed by publishing the law in 2017 and the secondary legislation by the CMB in 2019.

With Equity Based Crowdfunding, entrepreneurs make a small public offering by offering some of their shares to investors in return for the financing they need. Thousands of people can participate in this share offering. The world record is in an initiative that collected 72 Million Pounds and 117,631 investors participated in the share offering. High participation in share offerings is a market validation in a sense. At the same time, thousands of investors who have a share in the venture are brand ambassadors.

For all these reasons, fonbulucu VC Fund focus on crowdfunding campaigns and startups.

Why Crowdfunding Venture Capital Investment Fund?
Fund Participation Criteria

Fund Participation Criteria

The Venture Capital Investment Fund is a legal entity established by portfolio management companies and venture capital portfolio management companies for a period of time in order to operate the portfolio consisting of assets and transactions determined by the Capital Markets Board (Board) in accordance with the principles of fiduciary ownership on behalf of the shareholders, with the funds collected from qualified investors in return for their participation shares. It is an impersonal property.

As stated in the definition of the Capital Markets Board, a qualified investor is required to participate in these funds.

Companies that manage Venture Capital Mutual Funds, with their staff of analysts and experts experienced in this field, help qualified investors to make the right investment decision and to minimize the risks in the fields of following the investments. Thus, qualified investors participate in venture capital funds, allowing specialists in this vertical to manage their funds.

If you do not know whether you are a qualified investor or if you want to be a Qualified Investor, you can contact us.

Advantages of fonbulucu VC Fund

fonbulucu VC Investment Fund is Turkey's first crowdfunding venture capital fund. Combining venture capital and equity-based crowdfunding, Reinves has brought a different approach in this field by providing new resources to entrepreneurs and has enabled qualified investors to invest in crowdfunded-verified startups.

Participating to fonbulucu VC Fund provides very important advantages for qualified investors. Qualified investors who buy shares from our fund are enabled to invest in startups that are successful in equity-based crowdfunding campaigns, and investment risks are significantly reduced thanks to the diversified portfolio created. Due to the nature of crowdfunding, the follow-up of startups is carried out within the scope of the legislation, while the market verification of products and services is provided by the support of entrepreneurs and individual investors.

You can contact us for VC Fund tax advantages and other information.

Advantages of fonbulucu VC Fund
fonbulucu VC Fund Pre-Request Form
How It Works?

It is the funding of those selected by the Fund Investment Committee among the startups seeking investment in accordance with the legislation on the Equity Based Crowdfunding Platform, by offering some of their shares to the investors within the scope of the Communiqué on Equity Based Crowdfunding, published by the CMB on 3 October 2019.

Thanks to this funding instrument, the investment portfolio of the fund will be diversified and increased. With the functioning of the fund, 80% of the funds will be transferred to the aforementioned Venture Companies within 24 months. Considering the growth potential of the invested venture companies, the exit target is planned as 3-5 years.

The VC Fund will become a partner in the startups by taking a share of at least 10% of the financing they need from the startups that run a crowdfunding campaign and are approved by our Investment Committee.

Precautions will be taken to expand and control the investment by obtaining privileges such as being on the Board of Directors, pre-emption right, and optional shares from funded venture companies.

In accordance with the Communiqué on Equity-Based Crowdfunding and within this scope, funded Venture Companies are required to inform the investors by having an Independent Audit done during the usage period of the fund and after the entire fund is used.

If you want to buy shares from VC Fund, please fill the VC Fund Pre-Request Form. We will contact you as soon as possible for necessary procedures.

* Qualified Investor: Qualified investors are professional clients, including those defined in the Board's regulations on investment institutions and considered professional based on demand. Mutual funds, pension funds, securities investment trusts, venture capital investment trusts, real estate investment trusts, intermediary institutions, banks, insurance companies, private finance institutions, portfolio management companies, pension and aid funds, foundations, temporary 20 of the Social Insurance Law No. 506 Funds established pursuant to Article 3 of this Law, publicly beneficial associations and other investors to be determined by the Board to be similar to these institutions in terms of their qualifications, and natural and legal persons who own at least 1 million Turkish Liras of Turkish and/or foreign currency and capital market instruments as of the date of public offering are qualified are among the investors.

Only qualified investors who meet the necessary conditions will be able to buy shares from fonbulucu VC Investment Fund.